Interview with Turkish Women's Rights Activist Eren Keskin

March 2014

Turkish women's rights advocate Eren Keskin on her life's work and the problem of impunity

Turkey - Baby Donkeys, Insult & Presidents

20 April  2016

Folk singer Kursal Evcimen is sentenced to11 months & 20 days in prison for a song about baby donkeys that upset President Erdogan's supporters.

Turkey - Art Exhibitions Cancelled - a Troubling Trend

12 May 2016

Turkey continues to repress artists from expressing their thoughts and ideas under the guise of a variety of concerns, including national security.  Sara Whyatt explains one of the recent cases with the ‘Post-Peace’ exhibition as a troubling pattern for what artists continue to face in the country.

EU - How Erdogan Turned the Tables to Stifle Free Speech

3 May 2016

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German judiciary were taken by surprise by the Turkish President's demand for a German comedian to be tried for insulting him under Germany's own laws.


Three Country Backgrounds: Pakistan, Gambia & Colombia

December 2016

At the end of 2016 I wrote three backgrounders for IFEX as part of its No to Impunity campaign  on countries where human rights abusers have blighted people’s lives: Pakistan, Gambia and Colombia. 

Pakistan: Caught Between the State & Extremists

Gambia: Where the King of Impunity Reigned: a Profile of Jammeh's Gambia

Colombia: Towards Justice and Peacebuilding

Clients include:

ARTICLE 19 London Freemuse




Metis Publishing


Norwegian PEN 




London           Turkish Publishers Association

Istanbul UNESCO


The Gezi Resistance and a History of Civil Commotion

June 2014

I am the English Language editor of this magazine that was pulled from publication shortly after the Gezi demonstrations in Turkey in June 2013, eventually published by Metis Publishing shortly after.


PEN Norway Press release: The History of Gezi Resistance that was almost not to be is now available On-Line

Report: Turkey - Free Expression Under A Shadow

November 2014

A report on the state of freedom of expression in Turkey, providing a timeline of events, comments from writers, journalists and others affected by the restrictive environment in the country.



The EU and UN Address Turkey’s Troublesome Arts Freedom Record

October 2015

​A  study of EU and UN interventions in 2015 on artistic freedom in Turkey written for Freemuse in October 2015

January 2015Event in Istanbul Bringing Together Artists and Human Rights Defenders Around the UN Review of Turkey's Human Rights Record

I designed and project managed this event, that brought together more than 50 artists, human rights defenders, academics and others working for artistic freedom in Turkey to watch the live web cast from Geneva of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review of Turkey's human rights record. In collaboration with  Freemuse, and Siyah Bant,

For more read: - Turkey: Government Reported to UN Council on Human Rights:

February to September 2016 

Know your rights: ARJ public toolkit on artistic freedom

I produced a toolkit and a companion for Arts Rights Justice/Culture Action Europe this practical tool can help artists, arts associations, networks and cultural organisations working on protecting artists and artistic freedom.





September 2017, Panel Discussion Istanbul - Artistic Freedom

I took part as a panelist  in an event organised by Columbia University and Siyah Bant on the state of artistic freedom globally during the Istanbul Biennial.